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Interactive Smart Business Cards and Stickers based on NFC technology.

We offer a wide variety of Innovative Smart products for home and business all based on NFC technology. Our goal is to automate repetitive actions and thus improve the life of our clients.

Enhance your Corporate Identity and amaze your clients with the new Smart Business Cards and Innovative stickers with various functions.

NFC Smart Business Cards - Plastic

What's a Master Business Card?
In one sentence, the Master Business card is a business card you can use multiple times. It's not given away, but remains with the owner.
The embedded memory chip stores the owner's contact data. Via NFC technology the data can be transferred to any phone with NFC reader.

How it works?
- Turn ON your phone's NFC.
- Put the Business card close to the phone.
- Done! In a second the data is copied and the contact is stored in the phonebook.

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New and original, those products are the future.


Engages the users into conversation.

Eco friendly

Equals 100 000 paper business cards or a single tree.

Easy to use

Copy data with a single button click.

Time saving

Saves time for manual contact input.


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

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